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Tips and Tricks Cleaning your Home

Cleaning your Home

A clean home is important for its inhabitants to stay happy and healthy. When you come home after a hectic day at work, a clean home looks like heaven. Cleaning can be boring and exhausting but if you follow some cleaning tips and tricks, you can clean your home in a very less time and in an interesting way.

  • To make your windows shine, crumple a black and white paper and dip it in the vinegar. Wipe window panes with this crumpled paper until it is dry and then buff it using a dry cloth.
  • If you want to remove paper stickers from wood, apply white vinegar over it and let it soak. When it is sift, scrape it off.
  • Mini blinds can be cleaned by dipping them in warm, soapy water in the bathtub. For white blinds, you can use a small amount of bleach.
  • To quickly remove pet stains and kid spills, use a small rug cleaner.
  • If you are too busy to do major cleaning, consider hiring a help for doing it at least once a month. It will keep your home in good condition and you will stay stress free.
  • Clean you dishwasher at least twice a week, using a sponge. Throw away those sponges after few weeks as they breed bacteria due to lack of drying time in between uses.
  • If nail polish spills over your wood furniture, do not wipe it as it will remove the wood finish with it. Instead, let it dry completely and then scrape it off using a credit card.
  • If you have two-storey home, keep a separate set of cleaning supplies on each floor to save yourself from the task of carrying them whenever you need them.
  • Washing of toys is important every few days to avoid any kind of infection.
  • To remove crayon stains from the walls, apply some toothpaste and wipe it with a damp sponge by rubbing.
  • Using a rubbing alcohol and dry cloth, you can remove the scuff marks or pen, pencil marks from the walls.
  • If you have got hard water deposit over your fixtures, use diluted muriatic acid. You can obtain muriatic acid from a pool store or hardware store. Remember one thing: keep it away from chlorine as both of them make an explosive if combined together.

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