The Functioning Of Steam Shower

The concept of spa has been popular among people throughout the world for many years. The main reason for which spa is well liked by people is because of the presence of steam showers. Steam shower is used by people for the purpose of relaxation. Bodily toxins and excess water from the body can also […]

Tips: How to Clean a Shower Drain

There’s nothing worse than turning on the shower and having a plugged up drain. Hair and soap scum are two of the biggest culprits that clog shower drains. How can you clean a shower drain and keep it from getting clogged? Find simple tips that are cheap and easy, to unclog any shower drain, here! […]

Steam Shower Facts and Benefits

The effects of this steam shower are usually felt almost immediately. Since the steam that is generated from the shower is trapped inside of the shower you will feel this mist slowly pouring into your body. The result of this is in many ways similar to the sauna in that you begin to sweat.