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The Difference Between Fake and Replica Handbags

Most people say that there is no difference between a replica handbag and a fake one. Well, they cannot be further away from the truth. Fakes can be best described as cheap imitations that can be easily distinguished from the original ones. In the case of replicas, it is an entirely different story.

Designer replica, especially replica handbags are known for their exceptional quality which is at par with the original ones. Replica handbags use the same material as the branded ones and are given high attention to detail. For example, if a Versace handbag is make from pink leather, its replica too would be made of the same material. It will have exactly the same number of buckles and have the same clasp as the original.

Most of the fake handbags present n the market claim to be the original ones. However, their audacity is very short lived as even a novice can differentiate between them and the original. Replica handbags claim only what they are; replicas. Even though these replicas look exactly like the original and most people won