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How I Became An Expert on Services

Keeping Cool in Summer

Things can go off hand, now that summer is here, such as relentless hot nights, toasted sunburn, and hay fever season, and even if you expect the temperature to rise at an uncomfortably high degree, don’t be affected by all these imminent possibilities and, instead, look for ways to keep cool during the summer season.

The advantage of sun protection

The sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays are unusually high during summer and can even penetrate the sanctity of our homes, that’s why sun protection creams or lotions, with high sum protection factor (SPF), must be applied on the skin, whether you leave the house or not, to protect your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays and avoid from being sunburned.

Time to check on your air-conditioning units

Summer months can be harsh on the skin, as well as our comfort zone in our own bed, so, now is the time to have your air-conditioning units be tuned up to see to it that it’s in good working order, a simple maintenance fix but with great benefits, and your nights will be as cool as ever, sleeping soundly like a log.

Prepare your swimming pool

The comforts of your swimming pool is the best solution to spend summer, if travel is a budget constraint at the moment, therefore, hire your regular pool cleaner to test the water pH level and do their pool maintenance, so you and the family will endure the summer with much fun dipping in the pool, helping to beat off the heat with this volume of water, just waiting for everyone to bathe in it; however, if you do not have an expensive swimming pool, you can buy an inflatable plastic swimming pool, where you can leave the water in it for an extended period of time.

Summer meals

When you consume large meals, the metabolism in your body increases the calorie level, which releases heat, to break down the food, so eat light meals during summer and in small quantities, to lower the heat energy in your body, and avoid foods that are high in protein as this can increase the body’s metabolism. it may be a very unlikely meal to eat during summer, but when you eat spicy foods they cause our body to sweat and when we sweat our body is cooled down, it’s all because the chilies can stimulate the heat receptors in the mouth, enhancing blood circulation and causing the body to sweat, and spicy foods are not bad at all, in fact they are as tasty and contagiously delicious; then after a sumptuous meal, finish it off with lots of water and, occasionally, drink chrysanthemum tea, which is a cooling herb.

Wear appropriate summer dresses

Because cotton materials easily absorbs moisture and heat cannot penetrate cotton, while with synthetic fibers, they trap heat from their surrounding environment; therefore, use as much of light, cottony dresses during summer.