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Bonsai: Instructions and Information

There are several things you need to learn when mastering the art of bonsai tree growing. Following the correct techniques and instructions is vital if you really want to grow a beautiful tree. Pruning, cutting and trimming are some of the more basic skills that you need to learn and this is usually done before the growing season starts. You’ll want to cut into larger branches as this prevents any unsightly swelling from occurring when the tree begins healing itself. Other smaller branches and twigs can be cut off more easily as they do not bulge and swell outwards as much when they heal. Afterward it’s also a good idea to apply wood sealant to any wounds as it helps to prevent infection.

Wiring is another skill you want to master. To practice this, get some bonsai wire and use it on your finger, if you feel that your blood flow is being restricted then this indicates that the tree will also be damaged as well. This should give you a good idea of how tightly the tree should be wired. Attempt to wrap the wire around the branches closely together if possible, especially if you are creating extra strong bends and curves as wires which are spread out and are not as likely to be effective. Depending on how much curvature or bending you want on your tree, wiring should be left on for most of the year, only removing the wire when your tree has reached its desired shape. Also, remember to follow this one simple rule when removing your wire – cut it off! Use some sharp cutters and to not remove the wire by unraveling it or bending it off. This is because you’re likely to hurt or damage the branch when doing so, and sometimes people even accidentally snap it off.

Fertilizing a bonsai tree should be done naturally where possible, this means that you should try and buy any manure or compost and if possible even create your own. This is because it is the most effective form of fertilizer and it will help to grow your tree grow most efficiently. If none available than artificial fertilizer can be bought from a garden store in either soil or liquid formats. These can easily be applied to your bonsai trees soil during vital periods of the year such as the growing season.

Finally there is the skill of repotting that you have to master. As your tree grows you have to repot your bonsai tips every couple of years or so and sometimes even every year depending on the tree. This will help to prevent the bonsai trees roots from clogging or cramping, which occurs when the roots have overgrown their current pots. To prevent this from happening you must be cut back the roots a third of the way in during the repotting period. This free up the trees roots and will allow the tree to begin growing properly again.

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