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Finding the Right Colors for Your Home

The important thing to choosing the proper feng shui colors for your home would be to first understand two essential principles of feng shui. The five elements that happen to be wood, fire, earth, metal and water act as a guide for creating balance in one’s surroundings. Next we consider the bagua to concentrate on different areas of somebody’s life. This handy tool locates different areas in the given room or home that corresponds to every area of that person’s life. Selecting the best colors comes right down to how well these two principles are utilized in combination.

Chinese astrologers believe that each year is represented by one of the five elements. Each element is also represented by specific colors. The colors that you need to use more of inside your surroundings can be found by matching your year of birth to its corresponding element. There are also two forces that influence the way the five elements work together to attain balance. The 1st force is called the productive cycle and it shows how each element is made by or produce another. The other one is named the destructive cycle and it shows how each element destroys or is destroyed by another.

Understanding these two cycles is important, because when you are able to identify the elements that may either benefit or harm you, you will also manage to establish their associated colors. Incorporate more of the colors representing the element that created your element and use less of the colors representing the element that destroys your element. Check out

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