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Feng Shui Room Decorating

Feng Shui room decorating

Feng Shui Room Decorating has entered our lives like not many other things before. Decorating with this eastern art is a very popular way to give a room that extra style. When you utilize Feng Shui, you use the space in your home the best way to keep good chi, or energy, around. If you want to embrace this art form and learn to apply it to your room, you need to be aware of a few things, so you know what to do and what to avoid.

In Feng Shui tradition each color has a particular meaning, it stands for something. This is why using various colors is encouraged to promote good chi in the house. For example red means luck and green means freshness and peace. Yellow is also a color of luck. Many people use these colors when decorating their rooms, but if you want to use them, make sure that the colors don’t clash and destroy the overall appeal. The room should truly have a feeling of comfort to it.

Avoid using lots of stuff in it, so keep it simple with only basic furniture and some accessories. Do not cramp the space as this will give you negative, unhealthy energy. Start small, add here and there a piece of matching furniture, and expand slowly from there, but avoid going overboard.

Try to use natural materials such as real wood, bamboo, hemp or even organic fabric as this will keep the negative energy away from the room. Artificial products should be something worth staying away from. For example you can have an organic cotton cover on your couch or a bamboo hardwood floor.

Plants should, of course, be available in the place. They are living organisms and they help the environment. You can use various types of plants in your room, from potted plants to larger trees.

Make use of the energy map that Feng Shui offers you. This is called bagua and it relies on the shape and on the size of each room for decorating it properly. For example a small bathroom will have a different energy map from a large living room, and the kitchen might be different from your bedroom.

Use flowing water in the room. There are many different types of indoor water fountains which promote a clear, calm and peaceful environment.

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